pronunciation training calgary teachers

ACE offers individual assessment, consultation and training for clients in Calgary, Alberta. You will receive a detailed assessment of your English pronunciation skills and a written summary of your pronunciation needs. An individualized program will give you the tools to become a more effective communicator within your community and your workplace.

All assessment and training is provided by a certified and registered speech-language pathologist with specialized expertise in accent acquisition.

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pronunciation training calgary teachers

The Accent on Canadian English (ACE) Program teaches individuals who speak English as a second language (ESL) to speak clearly and confidently. Clients from all language backgrounds are guided through a through a series of training steps and listening and speaking exercises. This systematic approach results in English that is clearly understood by others.

Specific training in pronunciation and the mechanics of speech results in ESL clients being more effective communicators. Improved communication leads to increased levels of job satisfaction and employee retention as well as improved levels of customer/client satisfaction.

            Accent on Canadian English offers:

        Individual pronunciation assessments and consultation
        Individual and group training programs provided on-site
        Intensive pronunciation training workshops on-site
        Customized pronunciation training seminars and workshops
        Recording of customized CDs for specific workplace vocabulary and terminology

Quotes can be provided for any number of training hours that fit in with a client"s schedule and corporate training priorities. Individual and group training is typically sixteen weeks (two hours per week).

The ACE Program is used effectively with all first languages.

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All assessment and training is provided by a certified and registered speech-language pathologist with specialized expertise in accent acquisition.

ACE corporate clients include:







pronunciation training



   ACE "Train the Trainer" - two day intensive workshop

Learn to accurately evaluate Canadian English pronunciation and provide an effective accent modification program.

Facilitate acquisition of Canadian English accent through a systematic step by step approach. This interactive workshop is for certified speech language pathologists and certified ESL instructors working in the area of accent modification and pronunciation improvement.

ACE "Train the Trainer" Accent Modification Workshop

Learn to accurately evaluate Canadian English pronunciation and provide an effective accent modification program.

Date: May 6 & 7, 2016
Location: Vivo - Administration Room
11950 Country Village Link NE
Calgary, AB. T3K 6E3
Workshop Facilitator: Lisa Bjerke MSLP R.SLP S-LP (C)
(Speech-language pathologist & author ACE Program & ACEPAK)
Registration Fees: $475.00 (includes ACE Program-2nd Ed- $83.95 value.)

Please e-mail for a registration package*

*This workshop is exclusively for Speech-Language Pathologists and ESL instructors.

ACE Workshop Components Include:

        ACE pronunciation assessment (administration, scoring & goal setting.)
        Variables affecting pronunciation & language specific pronunciation differences.
        Features of English speech sounds (segmentals)
        International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in assessment and training.
        Sound elicitation techniques (trouble shooting resistant patterns).
        /r/ coloured vowels-elicitation and training.
        "Unstress & the schwa".
        Facilitating key stress and intonation patterns.
        Uniquely Canadian pronunciation. (e.g. Canadian Raising)
        ACE training sequence and steps to success.
        Set up & implementation of effective pronunciation training programs.

Space is limited so register now.

For more information or to register contact:
Lisa Bjerke
Director: Optima Communications Inc.
(Accent on Canadian English Program)
T: 403.226.2443
F: 403.663.9709

ACE "Train the Trainer" Workshop Feedback.

Lisa"s workshop equipped me with a variety of wonderful effective tools to teach pronunciation to ESL students. Lisa"s presentation skills are exemplary and she effortlessly kept all participants engaged in this extremely informative and interactive workshop. I know that both Lisa"s materials and the collaborative workshop exercises will serve me well throughout my teaching career.

Myrna Glenn
ESL Instructor | Continuing Education
Red Deer College

I really really enjoyed the course. Your energy and great sense of humour made the complex material much easier to process. I am in awe of how well the assessment and your book deal with all the areas needing to be addressed. The layout is very logical, well laid out and very functional to use. I am looking forward to trying it with some clients.

Adele McKernan
Speech Language Pathologist


I was really pleased with the information that Lisa taught in her 2 day course for SLP's and ESL teachers. I have been a speech language pathologist for many years and I felt her approach to accent modification was one of the most comprehensive I have seen. In particular she deals with much more than just pronunciation differences. She addresses the other very important aspects of speaking English as a second language, including word and sentence stress, colloquialisms and phrases specific to Canadian English. Lisa's materials are easy to read and follow for the clients and provide the clinician with a great starting point for the sessions. I highly recommend this program to speech language pathologists working in the area of accent modification.

Connie Zalmanowitz
Speech-Language Pathologist

I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa's fun and interactive Canadian Accent Acquisition workshop. I have been to an accent reduction workshop in the past. Unfortunately, the information was more appropriate for an American audience. As a speech-language pathologist, I now have tools tailored to work specifically with foreign speakers wanting to acquire a truly Canadian accent. Lisa's program is well organized and will be easy to use with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Kate Ward
Speech Language Pathologist